Finance & Banking (FIB)

FIB-001. Marketing and Sales in Finance Services
FIB-002. Creating WOW!! Customer Experience: Attracting & Retaining Bank Customers for Life
FIB-003. Basel-II: A Comprehensive Framework for Risk Management In Banking Sectors
FIB-004. Advanced Business & Financial Modelling using Excel 2010
FIB-005. Advanced Financial Forecasting
FIB-006. Advanced Financial Modelling and Risk Management using Microsoft Excel 2007
FIB-007. Finance for Business Professionals
FIB-008. Finance for Non Financial Managers
FIB-009. Financial Forecasting Essentials
FIB-010. Financial Planning, Forecasting and Risk Modelling using Oracle Crystal Ball
FIB-011. FM 02: Financial Modeling in Excel with Case Studies & Templates
FIB-012. FM O1: Financial Modeling in Excel with Case Studies & Template
FIB-013. Islamic Banking, Investment and Fund Management
FIB-014. Islamic Finance and Insurance

HR & Organizational Development (HRO)

HRO-001. Corporate Etiquette and Personal Grooming
HRO-002. Time and Stress management at work place
HRO-003. Management Skill Development for HR & Administrative Professionals (Legal Issues)
HRO-004. Recruitment, Selection & Performance Appraisal System of HR
HRO-005. Corporate Security & Safety Management
HRO-006. Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006 (as amended)
HRO-007. Civil, Criminal and Labor Law at Workplace
HRO-008. Effective HR & Administration Techniques
HRO-009. EFFECTIVE PAYROLL MANAGEMENT – Are Your Employees Paid Correctly?
HRO-010. Grievance Handling and Conflict Management According to Labor Laws
HRO-011. HR Accounting
HRO-012. HR Audit
HRO-013. HR Management and Organizational Behavior for RMG Factories
HRO-014. Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
HRO-015. Improving Employee Relations
HRO-016. Job Analysis
HRO-017. Organizational Development
HRO-018. The Balanced Scorecard
HRO-019. Competency bared Interviewing Skill
HRO-020. Developing effective HR Pollicises
HRO-021. Effective Performance Apprisal
HRO-022. Effective Succession Management
HRO-023. Managing Compensations
HRO-024. HR Professional as internal Mentor coach.

Brand Management & Marketing Communication (BMC)

BMC-001. Managing career growth in Brand Management in a competitive environment
BMC-002. Service is New Marketing
BMC-003. Brand Marketing: For Sustainable Business Development
BMC-004. Basic Brand Management
BMC-005. Brand Building Lessons for SME
BMC-006. Brand Planning Motorbike
BMC-007. Branding for Bangladeshi Business
BMC-008. Building World Class Brands
BMC-009. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
BMC-010. How to plan an effective Promotion Strategy
BMC-011. Managing Brand Equity and Positioning
BMC-012. La Salle (IJT) Business Development Matrix
BMC-013. The Role of Design in Marketing

Business & Leadership Management (BLM)

BLM-001. Conflict Resolution
BLM-002. Decision Making for Long term Peak Performance
BLM-003. Strategic Planning & Scenario Planning
BLM-004. The Art of Managing People
BLM-005. Negotiation across International Boundaries
BLM-006. Skills for Supervisory Management
BLM-007. Business Contracts
BLM-008. Implementing Leadership
BLM-009. The Job of the Chief Executive
BLM-010. Staying Competitive in a Globalized World
BLM-011. Make Your Strategy Come Alive
BLM-012. Practical Management Skills
BLM-013. Company Law
BLM-014. Advanced Negotiation Strategies
BLM-015. Assertive Skills for Managers
BLM-016. Bridging the Gap between Leaders, Managers and the People who get things done
BLM-017. How to Manage, Motivate and Lead a Winning Team
BLM-018. Human Relation Skills and EQ Techniques
BLM-019. Influencing, Persuasion and Empowering Skils
BLM-020. Motivational Leadership

Capacity Building & Income Generating Activities (CBI)

CBI-001. Advocacy
CBI-002. Mobilization
CBI-003. Planning & Management
CBI-004. Technical Resource Development
CBI-005. Gender Equality
CBI-006. Sustainability
CBI-007. Child Welfare
CBI-008. Woman and youth Development
CBI-009. Service to the blind and handicapped
CBI-010. Community and Rural Development
CBI-011. Environmental Conservation
CBI-012. Averseness raising
CBI-013. Local Resource Mobilization system
CBI-014. Decentralized of local ………. materials
CBI-015. Training on participatory rural Apprisal (PRA)
CBI-016. Development of network system
CBI-017. M&E

Operations Management (OPM)

OPM-001. Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Services
OPM-002. Establishing Effective Service Level Agreements
OPM-003. Charting Your Business Growth Strategically
OPM-004. Structuring and Supporting a robust IT Framework
OPM-005. Software System Requirements Gathering & Specification
OPM-006. Sharpening your Organization’s Competitive Edge
OPM-007. The Comprehensive Programme on Purchasing & Supply
OPM-008. Bringing Passion to work & Life

Business Communication(BCM)

BCM-001. IJT Toolkit for New Managers
BCM-002. Break through Your Communication Barriers
BCM-003. Communicate and Be Heard
BCM-004. Presentation Strategies, techniques and Practice
BCM-005. The Art of Communication and Presenting
BCM-006. Advertising Creativity and Copy writing
BCM-007. Effective Report Writing
BCM-008. Intellectual Business Communication
BCM-009. Listen & Connect
BCM-010. Media Management- Reacting & Promoting
BCM-011. Public Speaking
BCM-012. Creating Positive Communication from the Inside Out

Hospitality & Tourism Service (HTS)

HTS-001. Chef
HTS-002. Front office clerk
HTS-003. Tour Guide
HTS-004. Customer Service
HTS-005. Accommodation Management
HTS-006. Ticket Reservation
HTS-007. Housekeeping
HTS-008. Commercial cook

Sales Management (SLM)

SLM-001. World Class Customer Service – Customer Delight
SLM-002. Effective Procurement, Inventory & Logistics Management
SLM-003. Mastering Strategic Selling through Relationship Management
SLM-004. Strategic Selling in Competitive Market
SLM-005. 10.5 Habits of Successful Selling for Breakthrough Results
SLM-006. Advance Selling Techniques
SLM-007. Art of Pharmaceutical Sales
SLM-008. Building World Class Brands
SLM-009. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
SLM-010. Fundamentals of Marketing

Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT-001. How to Increase Office Productivity Using Google Tools
ICT-002. Microsoft Project 2007 Professional
ICT-003. Call Centre Technology & Solution
ICT-004. Project Management using MS Project 2007
ICT-005. 2D Animation with Flash 8.0
ICT-006. Advance Professional Tips on Microsoft Excel
ICT-007. Analysis and Reporting with Microsoft Excel 2007
ICT-008. Basic PHP and CakePHP Framework
ICT-009. Character Animation and Fundamentals of 3D Studio Max
ICT-010. Cloud Computing Course: Essentials of Cloud Infrastructure
ICT-011. Creating Interactive Web Pages by ASP.NET
ICT-012. Creative Image Editing using Advanced Photoshop Techniques
ICT-013. Database Design & Management for Software Applications: Hands-on Course for Real Life Issues and Solutions
ICT-014. Developing Excel Based Application: Advanced MS Excel 2007
ICT-015. Freelancing IT Jobs – How to Make Yourself Ready
ICT-016. IT and Business Alignment
ICT-017. Security Fundamentals
ICT-018. Java Programming Basics
ICT-019. Jomla, OsCommerce, ZenCart, Drupal & WordPress naging Excel and Worksheet Data
ICT-020. Mastering MS Access 2007 (Database Designing and Programming)
ICT-021. Microsoft Excel 2010 – Starter Level
ICT-022. Object oriented PHP, MySQL Programming with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax and jQuery
ICT-023. PHP Programming by CodeIgniter Framework
ICT-024. Practical MIS and Analytics
ICT-025. Professional PowerPoint for Business
ICT-026. Search Engine Optimization Training
ICT-027. STATA 10.0 for Business Analysts
ICT-028. Website Development by PHP Basics,HTML,CSS,Javascript & Joomla 2.5
ICT-029. Zend Framework Fundamentals

ICT-030.e-Busins Strategies and Technologies

Fashion and Merchandising (RMG)

RMG-001. Tools & Techniques for Efficient Merchandising for Knit & Woven Garments
RMG-002. What is L/C, Master L/C & Back to Back L/C and Implication of L/C in Garments Business
RMG-003. Productivity Improvement in Ready Made Garments (RMG) Sector
RMG-004. Apparel Merchandising
RMG-005. Effective Quality Assurance in RMG Sector
RMG-007. Ergonomics in Garment Industries
RMG-008. Fire Safety and Health Implementation Management System for Garments
RMG-009. Fundamentals of Fashion Designing and Forecasting
RMG-010. How to Ensure Shipment on Time, Produce Quality Garments & Increase Productivity in Knit Composite
RMG-011. How to Prepare A Factory for Compliance Audit (Knit & Woven)
RMG-012. How to Setup A Knit Composite Factory
RMG-013. How to Setup Garments Buying House and Its Functional Activities
RMG-014. Industrial Engineering and Work Study in RMG
RMG-015. Knit Garments Consumption and Costing
RMG-016. Knit Garments Costing
RMG-017. Knit Garments Merchandising and Costing
RMG-018. Knit Garments Production Planning and Control
RMG-019. Merchandising Follow-up in Knit Garments
RMG-020. Occupational Safety & Health in Garments Factory
RMG-021. Operations Management for Effective Merchandising and Productivity of Garments
RMG-022. Prevention of Fire and Casualties in Garments Industries
RMG-023. Shipping Procedure for Export, Import and Garments Industry
RMG-024. Supply Chain Management in Garments Business
RMG-025. Tools and Techniques of Achieving Production Target and Quality
RMG-026. Work Study and Time Study
RMG-027. Woven Garments Consumption and Costing
RMG-028. Woven Garments Costing

Soft Skill Development (SSD)

SSD-001. TEAM Building For Work Place Productivity
SSD-002. Interpersonal And Communication Skill For Executives
SSD-003. Communication Skill – Most Important For A Manager!
SSD-004. English For Business (12 Classes On Tue, Thu, & Sun In A Week)
SSD-005. Emotional Intelligence Framework At Workplace
SSD-006. Be An Achiever (Effective Public Speaking)
SSD-007. 14 (Fourteen) Vital Competencies For Ultimate Professional Success
SSD-008. The Art Of Effective Communication
SSD-009. Use Of English Language In Effective Report Writing
SSD-010. Behavior Of Front Desk Executive & Telephone Etiquette
SSD-011. Achieving Financial Freedom- Leadership Qualities, Habits & Attitudes
SSD-012. You Are The Brand: Building & Managing A Unique Brand
SSD-013. Mastering Consumer Behavior For Sustainable Branding
SSD-014. Leadership Excellence Through Team Building
SSD-015. 7 Secrets Of Leadership Excellence
SSD-016. Personal & Professionals Effectiveness
SSD-017. Use Of English Language In Effective Report Writing
SSD-018. Leading Through Team Building & Motivation
SSD-019. Essential Habits For Professional Success (Factors You Just Can’t Do Without)
SSD-020. Managing ERP Change Management And BI (Business Intelligence) Projects
SSD-021. Training Of Trainers (Tot)
SSD-022. Corporate Etequette & Grooming For Professionals
SSD-023. Exclusive Leadership Training: “Be A Dynamic Leader”
SSD-024. Absolute Essentials For Success
SSD-025. Time & Stress Management At Workplace
SSD-026. Leadership Excellence For Team Effectiveness & Team Spirit
SSD-027. Good To Great Customer Service For Excellence
SSD-028. Effective Communication Skills
SSD-029. Behavior Of Front Desk Executive & Telephone Etiquette
SSD-030. Advanced Negotiation Skills

Career Planning, Counselling & Development (CCD)

CCD-001. Career in Outside Bangladesh – Specially in Middle East and North America
CCD-002. Easy Tips and Techniques for Professional Excel Users
CCD-003. Essential Managerial Skills Toolkit
CCD-004. Learning Corporate Culture
CCD-005. Make an Impact ! Business Grooming & Etiquette
CCD-006. Managing Time for Success

Project Management (PMT)

PMT-001. Fundamental Project Management Course
PMT-002. IT Project Management ( Knowledge into action)
PMT-003. Managing Projects with MS Project Professional and Project Server 2007
PMT-004. PMP Exam Preparation Course
PMT-005. Project Appraisal and Management
PMT-006. Project Cost Management: Estimating, Budgeting and Earned Value Analysis
PMT-007. Project Earned Value Management using MS Project Professional
PMT-008. Project Management with Primavera 6
PMT-009. Project Management with PRINCE2 Methodology
PMT-010. Project Risk Management: Controlling Your Project Uncertainty
PMT-011. Project Scheduling: Controlling the Project Timeline
PMT-012. Technical Project Management

Personality & Productivity Development (PPD)

PPD-001. 7 Habits of Highly Professional Manager
PPD-002. Be A High-powered Professional Manager: MBO & Decision Making
PPD-003. Boost up Your Office Productivity and Accomplish Tasks Faster
PPD-004. Competitive Negotiation (A Competitive approach to win-win negotiation)
PPD-005. Interpersonal Skills
PPD-006. Interpersonal Skills for Professionals
PPD-007. Leadership for Results
PPD-008. Organizational Leadership and Managerial Communication
PPD-009. Present Perfect ! Impactful Business Presentation Skills
PPD-010. Stress Management

Cost & Budget (CNB)

CNB-001. Managing ERP Projects 2011
CNB-002. Budget Planning & Cost Controlling for Business Decision
CNB-003. Budget Planning & Control
CNB-004. Changes in Value Added Tax (VAT) Act, Rules, SROs and General Orders in the Budget 2010-11
CNB-005. Changes in VAT Act, Rules, SROs and General Orders in the Budget 2012-13
CNB-006. Corporate and Individual Tax Planning
CNB-007. Corporate Tax Management
CNB-008. Debits and Credits: Taking the Fear out of Accounting
CNB-009. Documentation of Loans and Advances
CNB-010. Economic Value Add Concepts and measurements ( EVA )
CNB-011. Effective Budgeting Techniques
CNB-012. Effective Tax Planning for Minimizing Tax Burden Legally
CNB-011. Executive Course on VAT
CNB-012. Investment Fundamentals and Risk Mitigation
CNB-013. Managing Accounts Receivables – Best Practices
CNB-014. Mergers and Acquisition
CNB-015. Organizational Cost Control & Management Techniques
CNB-016. Practical Cost Accounting

Film & Media Study (FMS)

  • Film marking Foundation
  • Camera and Lighting Foundation
  • Film Editing Foundation
  • Screen Writing Foundation
  • Somal Recording Foundation
  • Radio Presenter Foundation
  • Bridal Make-Up Foundation
  • Make-Up Special Effect
  • Make-Up for film & TV

Development Studies & Planning (DSP)

  • Project monitoring and evaluation for NGOs and development sectors
  • 2 Effective Project Planning
  • Effective Project Proposal Writing for NGOs
  • Advocacy Initiatives in Development Sector: Tools and Strategies
  • Gender & Violence Against Women (VAW)
  • Rights Based Approach for NGOs

Procurement Management (PRM)

  • Procurement Tendering process, Procedures and their management
  • Advanced Training in Purchasing management best practices
  • Procurement Management Business Skill
  • Prequalification of suppliers, Service providers and contractors for key project
  • Management of public private partnership, projects.

Supply Chain & Distribution Management (SCM)

  • Advanced Logistics Engineering & Supply Chain
  • Competitive Advantage through Supply Chain
  • Inventory and Store Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Material, Inventory, Logistics and Transport Management
  • Role of Logistics for Global Supply Chain Integration
  • Shipping and Logistics Process
  • Supply Chain for Non Supply Chain Professionals
  • Supply Chain Management for Manufacturing Industry
  • Understanding ICC Rules (UCPDC) and Key Techniques for Applying on

Event & Conference Management (ECM)

  • Business Meeting & conference Etiquette
  • 360 Degree Communication for Event Management
  • International Trade Fair Participation
  • Event for Sales Activation
  • Event for Brand Exposure

Creativity & Innovation (CVI)

  • CVI001 Applied Creativity & Innovation
  • CVI001 Braintales & Braindancing
  • CVI001 Break Your Crayons and Draw Outside the Line
  • CVI001 Lifescaping
  • CVI001 Team Creativity- Dream to Innovate
  • CVI001 Building Brain powers
  • CVI001 Productive Thinking
  • CVI001 Direct Attention Thinking Tools
  • CVI001 Your Brain & Memory
  • CVI001 Good Thinking & Mind Mapping


  • Basic Training for the trainers
  • Advance Training for the trainers

Environment & Sustainability Management (EMS)

  • RCRA – DOT Refresher
  • Certified Environmental Specialist
  • Spill Privation, Control and Countermeasure
  • Storm water Management during Construction
  • Clean Air and Water Act
  • An introduction to Safe drinking water
  • Air Emission Control Technologies
  • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act.
  • An introduction into the Emergency planning and community night
  • Nutrition health, Food production and the Environment (

Trade & Commercial (TRC)

  • Customs Procedures for Export and Import
  • Export and Import through L/C
  • Export Import Finance
  • L/C Procedures for Import & Export with Practical Exercise
  • Logistics and Trade Docs Function in Supply Chain Management
  • International Supply Chain Management
  • Legal Component for International Trade
  • How to Ensure Profitability to Invest in the Stock Market
  • Essentials of Export Marketing Strategy
  • ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System Standard)
  • Public Procurement Management

Gender & Development (GDD)

  • Development
  • Sustainability
  • Development Indicators
  • Gender and Development (GAD)
  • Basic Gender Needs
  • Strategic Gender Needs
  • Gender Analysis
  • Gender Equality and Gender Equity
  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Empowerment
  • Community Development
  • Areas of Community Development
  • Gender Roles and Development
  • A Day in the Life of a Woman and a Man
  • Changing Gender Roles – Role-Play
  • Gender Needs
  • Gender Roles and Practical Gender Needs
  • Gender in Development Activities
  • Women in Development and Gender and Development
  • Approaches to Gender-Related Development and Changing the
  • Roles of Women
  • Power Relationships and Their Influence on Development

Improving Service through (TQM)

  • Applied Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
  • Fire & Safety Management
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – 2012 and Beyond
  • Implementing HACCP Based FSMS According to ISO 22000:2005
  • Internal Auditor Course on ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 9001:2000 – IQA/MR/NCR/CAPA
  • Managing Safety for Insurance Audit
  • Risk Assessment and HAZOP Analysis
  • Total Quality Management
  • Understanding Six Sigma

Business Management for Professional (BMP)

  • Revit Architecture 2011 for beginners

Specialized Profession Training (SPT)

We offer unique and highly specialized training for different professions. Individuals and organizations can be met training needs through our services. We always concern on the demands of our clients. Organizations or individuals inform us their needs and expectation, we try out to provide our best.

Pr@ctical English Language & Communication

  • Subject verb agreement
  • Sentence Making
  • 100 Short Daily Life Dialogues
  • 500 Daily Life Expression
  • Conditionals
  • Sentence Structures
  • Question and answer Session
  • Topic Card Solution
  • Discourse markers
  • Causative
  • Phonetic vowels
  • Phonetic consonants.
  • Syllabic consonants
  • Stress.
  • Smart starting & ending
  • 20 Secrets of World Class Presentation
  • Body of Presentation
  • How to handle question?
  • Orientation, demystification of English Tenses
  • Sense of Time
  • The panacea of modal verbs section 1
  • The panacea of modal verbs section 2
  • Some important verbs get, have, like
  • Modifiers
  • Adverbs & phrasal verbs, Adverbs, connectives & Linking words

Strategic Planning & Business Development of Commercial Bank

  • Overview of Strategic Planning
  • Deliverables of a Strategic Plan
  • Core Elements of a Business Strategy Model
  • Intentions and Values
  • Market Space Matrix
  • External Environment
  • Internal Environment
  • Triage – Where to Expend Resources
  • Final Case Study
  • Mastering Strategic Selling through Relationship Management
  • How to plan an effective Promotion Strategy, Strategic Planning & Scenario Planning
  • Building relationship through strategic planning
  • Market driven sales organization
  • Training, Directing and Controlling the sales team
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Creating WOW!! Customer Experience: Attracting & Retaining Bank Customers for Life
  • A Comprehensive Framework for Risk Management in Banking Sectors
  • Branding for Bangladeshi Business & Building World Class Brands
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • The Art of Managing People
  • Staying Competitive in a Globalized World
  • Make Your Strategy Come Alive