IJT helps individuals and organizations to improve their performance. Our customized programs are apowerful way in which professionals, businesses and corporations can address their unique challenges quickly and effectively. We can customize our existing offerings or design new courses to address clients’needs on a limited basis. The first step to customization is conducting Career Need Analysis (CNA) for individuals then Training Needs Analysis (TNA) both of individuals and organizations. Through CNA & TNA experts make assessment and provide feedback to participants and clients based on that assessment.


Assessment and feedback are therefore critical components of our training program. At the end of every program, we provide clients with a program report that includes information on the performance of every participant, and individual learner reports are also given to each participant with recommendations for further development by our experts.

Here is a CAN form, you need to download it and fill-up with concentration and send it to us (Contact Address). We will send you report as early as possible.

Training Need Assessment: It is becoming widely recognized that the outputs of informal and formal training activities will be enhanced by assessing the needs and the level of skills and knowledge of potential participants before implementing the training. By knowing the overall objectives of an organization or an institute and the profiles, jobs and daily tasks of each staff, it becomes possible to tailor training activities to the needs of an organization or institute as well as to the personal needs of the staff members. Furthermore, it becomes easier for the organization to identify who should, and who should not participate in specific courses or workshops. The immediate gains are motivated participants and a higher satisfaction of their immediate needs. The long-term gains are longer-lasting effects of training, when needs have been addressed at the right time in the right way. For TNA, you need to meet with experts in our premises.

If you want to meet any other experts whom you know, please inform us (Contact Address). We will arrange those experts to assess your CNA & TNA for achieving your desired goal.