TNA is the process of identifying the gap between employee training and needs of training. Training needs analysis is the first stage in the training process and involves a procedure to determine whether training will indeed address the problem which has been identified. Training can be described as “the acquisition of skills, concepts or attitudes that result in improved performance within the job environment”. Training needs analysis looks at each aspect of an operational domain so that the initial skills, concepts and attitudes of the human elements of a system can be effectively identified and appropriate training can be specified.

Training needs analysis is most often used as part of the system development process. Due to the close tie between the design of the system and the training required, in most cases it runs alongside the development to capture the training requirements.

IJT conducts Training Need Analysis to indentify the performance gap of officials. IJT conducts TNA with the fowling objectives:

  • 1) Indentify the Performance Gap
  • 2) Determine the skills & knowledge required to minimize the gap
  • 3) Set Performance objective
  • 4) Arrange necessary training / skill development programs

Interested professional organizations & individuals can fill the TNA from below. TNA experts from IJT will contact shortly to conduct the TNA in concern organization. Actually training modules & lecture materials will be developed based on TNA.

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