Finance & Banking (FIB)

FIB-001. Marketing and Sales in Finance Services
FIB-002. Creating WOW!! Customer Experience: Attracting & Retaining Bank Customers for Life
FIB-003. Basel-II: A Comprehensive Framework for Risk Management In Banking Sectors
FIB-004. Advanced Business & Financial Modelling using Excel 2010
FIB-005. Advanced Financial Forecasting
FIB-006. Advanced Financial Modelling and Risk Management using Microsoft Excel 2007
FIB-007. Finance for Business Professionals
FIB-008. Finance for Non Financial Managers
FIB-009. Financial Forecasting Essentials
FIB-010. Financial Planning, Forecasting and Risk Modelling using Oracle Crystal Ball
FIB-011. FM 02: Financial Modeling in Excel with Case Studies & Templates
FIB-012. FM O1: Financial Modeling in Excel with Case Studies & Template
FIB-013. Islamic Banking, Investment and Fund Management
FIB-014. Islamic Finance and Insurance

HR & Organizational Development (HRO)

HRO-001. Corporate Etiquette and Personal Grooming
HRO-002. Time and Stress management at work place
HRO-003. Management Skill Development for HR & Administrative Professionals (Legal Issues)
HRO-004. Recruitment, Selection & Performance Appraisal System of HR
HRO-005. Corporate Security & Safety Management
HRO-006. Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006 (as amended)
HRO-007. Civil, Criminal and Labor Law at Workplace
HRO-008. Effective HR & Administration Techniques
HRO-009. EFFECTIVE PAYROLL MANAGEMENT – Are Your Employees Paid Correctly?
HRO-010. Grievance Handling and Conflict Management According to Labor Laws
HRO-011. HR Accounting
HRO-012. HR Audit
HRO-013. HR Management and Organizational Behavior for RMG Factories
HRO-014. Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
HRO-015. Improving Employee Relations
HRO-016. Job Analysis
HRO-017. Organizational Development
HRO-018. The Balanced Scorecard
HRO-019. Competency bared Interviewing Skill
HRO-020. Developing effective HR Pollicises
HRO-021. Effective Performance Apprisal
HRO-022. Effective Succession Management
HRO-023. Managing Compensations
HRO-024. HR Professional as internal Mentor coach.

Brand Management & Marketing Communication (BMC)

BMC-001. Managing career growth in Brand Management in a competitive environment
BMC-002. Service is New Marketing
BMC-003. Brand Marketing: For Sustainable Business Development
BMC-004. Basic Brand Management
BMC-005. Brand Building Lessons for SME
BMC-006. Brand Planning Motorbike
BMC-007. Branding for Bangladeshi Business
BMC-008. Building World Class Brands
BMC-009. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
BMC-010. How to plan an effective Promotion Strategy
BMC-011. Managing Brand Equity and Positioning
BMC-012. La Salle (IJT) Business Development Matrix
BMC-013. The Role of Design in Marketing

Business & Leadership Management (BLM)

BLM-001. Conflict Resolution
BLM-002. Decision Making for Long term Peak Performance
BLM-003. Strategic Planning & Scenario Planning
BLM-004. The Art of Managing People
BLM-005. Negotiation across International Boundaries
BLM-006. Skills for Supervisory Management
BLM-007. Business Contracts
BLM-008. Implementing Leadership
BLM-009. The Job of the Chief Executive
BLM-010. Staying Competitive in a Globalized World
BLM-011. Make Your Strategy Come Alive
BLM-012. Practical Management Skills
BLM-013. Company Law
BLM-014. Advanced Negotiation Strategies
BLM-015. Assertive Skills for Managers
BLM-016. Bridging the Gap between Leaders, Managers and the People who get things done
BLM-017. How to Manage, Motivate and Lead a Winning Team
BLM-018. Human Relation Skills and EQ Techniques
BLM-019. Influencing, Persuasion and Empowering Skils
BLM-020. Motivational Leadership

Capacity Building & Income Generating Activities (CBI)

CBI-001. Advocacy
CBI-002. Mobilization
CBI-003. Planning & Management
CBI-004. Technical Resource Development
CBI-005. Gender Equality
CBI-006. Sustainability
CBI-007. Child Welfare
CBI-008. Woman and youth Development
CBI-009. Service to the blind and handicapped
CBI-010. Community and Rural Development
CBI-011. Environmental Conservation
CBI-012. Averseness raising
CBI-013. Local Resource Mobilization system
CBI-014. Decentralized of local ………. materials
CBI-015. Training on participatory rural Apprisal (PRA)
CBI-016. Development of network system
CBI-017. M&E

Operations Management (OPM)

OPM-001. Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Services
OPM-002. Establishing Effective Service Level Agreements
OPM-003. Charting Your Business Growth Strategically
OPM-004. Structuring and Supporting a robust IT Framework
OPM-005. Software System Requirements Gathering & Specification
OPM-006. Sharpening your Organization’s Competitive Edge
OPM-007. The Comprehensive Programme on Purchasing & Supply
OPM-008. Bringing Passion to work & Life

Business Communication(BCM)

BCM-001. IJT Toolkit for New Managers
BCM-002. Break through Your Communication Barriers
BCM-003. Communicate and Be Heard
BCM-004. Presentation Strategies, techniques and Practice
BCM-005. The Art of Communication and Presenting
BCM-006. Advertising Creativity and Copy writing
BCM-007. Effective Report Writing
BCM-008. Intellectual Business Communication
BCM-009. Listen & Connect
BCM-010. Media Management- Reacting & Promoting
BCM-011. Public Speaking
BCM-012. Creating Positive Communication from the Inside Out

Hospitality & Tourism Service (HTS)

HTS-001. Chef
HTS-002. Front office clerk
HTS-003. Tour Guide
HTS-004. Customer Service
HTS-005. Accommodation Management
HTS-006. Ticket Reservation
HTS-007. Housekeeping
HTS-008. Commercial cook

Sales Management (SLM)

Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT-001. How to Increase Office Productivity Using Google Tools
ICT-002. Microsoft Project 2007 Professional
ICT-003. Call Centre Technology & Solution
ICT-004. Project Management using MS Project 2007
ICT-005. 2D Animation with Flash 8.0
ICT-006. Advance Professional Tips on Microsoft Excel
ICT-007. Analysis and Reporting with Microsoft Excel 2007
ICT-008. Basic PHP and CakePHP Framework
ICT-009. Character Animation and Fundamentals of 3D Studio Max
ICT-010. Cloud Computing Course: Essentials of Cloud Infrastructure
ICT-011. Creating Interactive Web Pages by ASP.NET
ICT-012. Creative Image Editing using Advanced Photoshop Techniques
ICT-013. Database Design & Management for Software Applications: Hands-on Course for Real Life Issues and Solutions
ICT-014. Developing Excel Based Application: Advanced MS Excel 2007
ICT-015. Freelancing IT Jobs – How to Make Yourself Ready
ICT-016. IT and Business Alignment
ICT-017. Security Fundamentals
ICT-018. Java Programming Basics
ICT-019. Jomla, OsCommerce, ZenCart, Drupal & WordPress naging Excel and Worksheet Data
ICT-020. Mastering MS Access 2007 (Database Designing and Programming)
ICT-021. Microsoft Excel 2010 – Starter Level
ICT-022. Object oriented PHP, MySQL Programming with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax and jQuery
ICT-023. PHP Programming by CodeIgniter Framework
ICT-024. Practical MIS and Analytics
ICT-025. Professional PowerPoint for Business
ICT-026. Search Engine Optimization Training
ICT-027. STATA 10.0 for Business Analysts
ICT-028. Website Development by PHP Basics,HTML,CSS,Javascript & Joomla 2.5
ICT-029. Zend Framework Fundamentals
ICT-030.e-Busins Strategies and Technologies

Fashion and Merchandising (RMG)

RMG-001. Tools & Techniques for Efficient Merchandising for Knit & Woven Garments
RMG-002. What is L/C, Master L/C & Back to Back L/C and Implication of L/C in Garments Business
RMG-003. Productivity Improvement in Ready Made Garments (RMG) Sector
RMG-004. Apparel Merchandising
RMG-005. Effective Quality Assurance in RMG Sector
RMG-007. Ergonomics in Garment Industries
RMG-008. Fire Safety and Health Implementation Management System for Garments
RMG-009. Fundamentals of Fashion Designing and Forecasting
RMG-010. How to Ensure Shipment on Time, Produce Quality Garments & Increase Productivity in Knit Composite
RMG-011. How to Prepare A Factory for Compliance Audit (Knit & Woven)
RMG-012. How to Setup A Knit Composite Factory
RMG-013. How to Setup Garments Buying House and Its Functional Activities
RMG-014. Industrial Engineering and Work Study in RMG
RMG-015. Knit Garments Consumption and Costing
RMG-016. Knit Garments Costing
RMG-017. Knit Garments Merchandising and Costing
RMG-018. Knit Garments Production Planning and Control
RMG-019. Merchandising Follow-up in Knit Garments
RMG-020. Occupational Safety & Health in Garments Factory
RMG-021. Operations Management for Effective Merchandising and Productivity of Garments
RMG-022. Prevention of Fire and Casualties in Garments Industries
RMG-023. Shipping Procedure for Export, Import and Garments Industry
RMG-024. Supply Chain Management in Garments Business
RMG-025. Tools and Techniques of Achieving Production Target and Quality
RMG-026. Work Study and Time Study
RMG-027. Woven Garments Consumption and Costing
RMG-028. Woven Garments Costing

Soft Skill Development (SSD)

SSD-001. TEAM Building For Work Place Productivity
SSD-002. Interpersonal And Communication Skill For Executives
SSD-003. Communication Skill – Most Important For A Manager!
SSD-004. English For Business (12 Classes On Tue, Thu, & Sun In A Week)
SSD-005. Emotional Intelligence Framework At Workplace
SSD-006. Be An Achiever (Effective Public Speaking)
SSD-007. 14 (Fourteen) Vital Competencies For Ultimate Professional Success
SSD-008. The Art Of Effective Communication
SSD-009. Use Of English Language In Effective Report Writing
SSD-010. Behavior Of Front Desk Executive & Telephone Etiquette
SSD-011. Achieving Financial Freedom- Leadership Qualities, Habits & Attitudes
SSD-012. You Are The Brand: Building & Managing A Unique Brand
SSD-013. Mastering Consumer Behavior For Sustainable Branding
SSD-014. Leadership Excellence Through Team Building
SSD-015. 7 Secrets Of Leadership Excellence
SSD-016. Personal & Professionals Effectiveness
SSD-017. Use Of English Language In Effective Report Writing
SSD-018. Leading Through Team Building & Motivation
SSD-019. Essential Habits For Professional Success (Factors You Just Can’t Do Without)
SSD-020. Managing ERP Change Management And BI (Business Intelligence) Projects
SSD-021. Training Of Trainers (Tot)
SSD-022. Corporate Etequette & Grooming For Professionals
SSD-023. Exclusive Leadership Training: “Be A Dynamic Leader”
SSD-024. Absolute Essentials For Success
SSD-025. Time & Stress Management At Workplace
SSD-026. Leadership Excellence For Team Effectiveness & Team Spirit
SSD-027. Good To Great Customer Service For Excellence
SSD-028. Effective Communication Skills
SSD-029. Behavior Of Front Desk Executive & Telephone Etiquette
SSD-030. Advanced Negotiation Skills

Career Planning, Counselling & Development (CCD)

CCD-001. Career in Outside Bangladesh – Specially in Middle East and North America
CCD-002. Easy Tips and Techniques for Professional Excel Users
CCD-003. Essential Managerial Skills Toolkit
CCD-004. Learning Corporate Culture
CCD-005. Make an Impact ! Business Grooming & Etiquette
CCD-006. Managing Time for Success

Project Management (PMT)

PMT-001. Fundamental Project Management Course
PMT-002. IT Project Management ( Knowledge into action)
PMT-003. Managing Projects with MS Project Professional and Project Server 2007
PMT-004. PMP Exam Preparation Course
PMT-005. Project Appraisal and Management
PMT-006. Project Cost Management: Estimating, Budgeting and Earned Value Analysis
PMT-007. Project Earned Value Management using MS Project Professional
PMT-008. Project Management with Primavera 6
PMT-009. Project Management with PRINCE2 Methodology
PMT-010. Project Risk Management: Controlling Your Project Uncertainty
PMT-011. Project Scheduling: Controlling the Project Timeline
PMT-012. Technical Project Management

Personality & Productivity Development (PPD)

PPD-001. 7 Habits of Highly Professional Manager
PPD-002. Be A High-powered Professional Manager: MBO & Decision Making
PPD-003. Boost up Your Office Productivity and Accomplish Tasks Faster
PPD-004. Competitive Negotiation (A Competitive approach to win-win negotiation)
PPD-005. Interpersonal Skills
PPD-006. Interpersonal Skills for Professionals
PPD-007. Leadership for Results
PPD-008. Organizational Leadership and Managerial Communication
PPD-009. Present Perfect ! Impactful Business Presentation Skills
PPD-010. Stress Management

Cost & Budget (CNB)

CNB-001. Managing ERP Projects 2011
CNB-002. Budget Planning & Cost Controlling for Business Decision
CNB-003. Budget Planning & Control
CNB-004. Changes in Value Added Tax (VAT) Act, Rules, SROs and General Orders in the Budget 2010-11
CNB-005. Changes in VAT Act, Rules, SROs and General Orders in the Budget 2012-13
CNB-006. Corporate and Individual Tax Planning
CNB-007. Corporate Tax Management
CNB-008. Debits and Credits: Taking the Fear out of Accounting
CNB-009. Documentation of Loans and Advances
CNB-010. Economic Value Add Concepts and measurements ( EVA )
CNB-011. Effective Budgeting Techniques
CNB-012. Effective Tax Planning for Minimizing Tax Burden Legally
CNB-011. Executive Course on VAT
CNB-012. Investment Fundamentals and Risk Mitigation
CNB-013. Managing Accounts Receivables – Best Practices
CNB-014. Mergers and Acquisition
CNB-015. Organizational Cost Control & Management Techniques
CNB-016. Practical Cost Accounting

Film & Media Study (FMS)

  • Film marking Foundation
  • Camera and Lighting Foundation
  • Film Editing Foundation
  • Screen Writing Foundation
  • Somal Recording Foundation
  • Radio Presenter Foundation
  • Bridal Make-Up Foundation
  • Make-Up Special Effect
  • Make-Up for film & TV

Development Studies & Planning (DSP)

  • Project monitoring and evaluation for NGOs and development sectors
  • 2 Effective Project Planning
  • Effective Project Proposal Writing for NGOs
  • Advocacy Initiatives in Development Sector: Tools and Strategies
  • Gender & Violence Against Women (VAW)
  • Rights Based Approach for NGOs

Procurement Management (PRM)

Supply Chain & Distribution Management (SCM)

  • Advanced Logistics Engineering & Supply Chain
  • Competitive Advantage through Supply Chain
  • Inventory and Store Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Material, Inventory, Logistics and Transport Management
  • Role of Logistics for Global Supply Chain Integration
  • Shipping and Logistics Process
  • Supply Chain for Non Supply Chain Professionals
  • Supply Chain Management for Manufacturing Industry
  • Understanding ICC Rules (UCPDC) and Key Techniques for Applying on

Event & Conference Management (ECM)

  • Business Meeting & conference Etiquette
  • 360 Degree Communication for Event Management
  • International Trade Fair Participation
  • Event for Sales Activation
  • Event for Brand Exposure

Creativity & Innovation (CVI)

  • CVI001 Applied Creativity & Innovation
  • CVI001 Braintales & Braindancing
  • CVI001 Break Your Crayons and Draw Outside the Line
  • CVI001 Lifescaping
  • CVI001 Team Creativity- Dream to Innovate
  • CVI001 Building Brain powers
  • CVI001 Productive Thinking
  • CVI001 Direct Attention Thinking Tools
  • CVI001 Your Brain & Memory
  • CVI001 Good Thinking & Mind Mapping


  • Basic Training for the trainers
  • Advance Training for the trainers

Environment & Sustainability Management (EMS)

  • RCRA – DOT Refresher
  • Certified Environmental Specialist
  • Spill Privation, Control and Countermeasure
  • Storm water Management during Construction
  • Clean Air and Water Act
  • An introduction to Safe drinking water
  • Air Emission Control Technologies
  • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act.
  • An introduction into the Emergency planning and community night
  • Nutrition health, Food production and the Environment  (Education

Trade & Commercial (TRC)

  • Customs Procedures for Export and Import
  • Export and Import through L/C
  • Export Import Finance
  • L/C Procedures for Import & Export with Practical Exercise
  • Logistics and Trade Docs Function in Supply Chain Management
  • International Supply Chain Management
  • Legal Component for International Trade
  • How to Ensure Profitability to Invest in the Stock Market
  • Essentials of Export Marketing Strategy
  • ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System Standard)
  • Public Procurement Management

Gender & Development (GDD)

  • Development
  •  Sustainability
  • Development Indicators
  • Gender and Development (GAD)
  • Basic Gender Needs
  • Strategic Gender Needs
  • Gender Analysis
  • Gender Equality and Gender Equity
  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Empowerment
  • Community Development
  • Areas of Community Development
  • Gender Roles and Development
  • A Day in the Life of a Woman and a Man
  • Changing Gender Roles – Role-Play
  • Gender Needs
  • Gender Roles and Practical Gender Needs
  • Gender in Development Activities
  • Women in Development and Gender and Development
  • Approaches to Gender-Related Development and Changing the
  • Roles of Women
  • Power Relationships and Their Influence on Development

Improving Service through (TQM)

  • Applied Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
  • Fire & Safety Management
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – 2012 and Beyond
  • Implementing HACCP Based FSMS According to ISO 22000:2005
  • Internal Auditor Course on ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 9001:2000 – IQA/MR/NCR/CAPA
  • Managing Safety for Insurance Audit
  • Risk Assessment and HAZOP Analysis
  • Total Quality Management
  • Understanding Six Sigma

Business Management for Professional (BMP)

  • Revit Architecture 2011 for beginners

Specialized Profession Training (SPT)

We offer unique and highly specialized training for different

Pr@ctical English Language & Communication

Strategic Planning & Business Development of Commercial Bank